After months of wanting to establish a blog, I finally had the time and courage to start one. Well actually, I started this blog to create an online portfolio to share some of my works with you guys. It’s not much since I just started to take photography as a hobby seriously a couple months ago. I appreciate any comments, suggestions, violent reactions, and what not so feel free to do so. 🙂

Of course this blog won’t be all about photos and photography. It’s just one of the many things I am interested in so I’ll probably post stuff about food (because I am a foodie, and I like trying out different restaurants), gadgets (because I like gadgets? Who doesn’t anyway?), movies and series (because I like to sit on my ass and watch some), my adventures (because my family loves to travel and take vacations), aaaaaand etcetera etcetera.

Okay, so, I hope you guys will enjoy reading my blog in the future once I start to fill this with stuff.

Happy Reading!